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I love reading scripture and I love prayer.  Every morning and every
evening I will kneel down and pray to my Lord and Savior, Jesus
Christ.  In the morning, I give thanks to God for keeping me on Earth
one more day and I pray to live my day as best as I can in the most
Christian way that I can.  I pray for wisdom and common sense,
strength to handle whatever problems may come my way, patience and
compassion.  In the evening, I give thanks to Jesus, for getting me
through the day.  This is a time I may also reflect on my sins of the day
and for those parts of the day I did not live up to my own expectations
as a strong Christian man; I pray to the Lord to forgive my sins and
transgressions.  Also, at this time, I offer the Lord my soul if he should
decide to take me into his Kingdom; In death I will rejoice and praise
the Lord, for I will be in his Kingdom of Heaven!  

During my daily activities, I take every opportunity to pray.  All those
moments of the day when we wait in lines, or while we are driving from
here to there or just those times when we take a break from hard work;
those are prayerful times!  The next time you are at a red light, or eating
lunch alone or performing some task on the job take time to pray in
your own special way and you will discover how hum-drum boredom
can be turned into good feelings in your heart.

I also want to pray for you. Whether your problem is financial, job
stress, unemployment, addiction, poor health or sexual issues I will pray
for you. Complete one of the forms on this page and that will deliver to
me your message. In turn, I will read every message I receive and
sincerely keep you in my daily prayers.
Everyday, Pray to Jesus!
Schedule your time to pray and make it your number
one priority.  The Lord comes first in our lives above
everything else.  We all have busy and hectic lives but
do not let that be an excuse to not fit prayer
into your lives.

Prayer Opportunities
Take advantage of those moments we all hate; Waiting
at the doctors office, Being stuck in traffic or waiting in
line at the grocery store. Rather than let your blood
pressure rise with anger, let Jesus make these
moments Godly for you and feel the calm and peace he
can deliver to you.

Take a “Prayer Escape”
No matter how good or how bad your day is going, take
an a small journey into prayer! Pick up your Holy Bible
and go to one of your favorite nearby places out of
doors or maybe a special place in your home. Escape
in prayer and scripture to the Lord.  I often go down to
this peaceful place by the river here in the city. Oh
Praise Jesus for the peaceful and spiritual nourishment
this provides for me.

“A shot in the arm” Prayer
We all have days where we feel blue or may be
struggling with some of life’s problems.  It is at our
worse times that prayer can give us a big boost in our
day. I promise you that if you open the bible or talk to
the Lord, you will soon sense a lift of your spirits. The
Lord is always with us and during those rough times he
is there for you. Pray to him!

Thankful Prayer
Before I enjoy any meal, even at a fast food restaurant I
will always take the time to offer my gratitude and
thanks to the Lord. He has given me the means to care
for myself and to provide for myself. This is also a time
for me to offer my prayers to those who are less
fortunate. Never, ever can we forget those who are
struggling in life.  There are many other moments where
we can offer thanks to the Lord as well.  Think about all
the times during a day he has blessed you;Those are
the times to offer him thanks. I may have gone through
a difficult situation at work and it sure does feel right
when I take even only a few seconds to speak to the
Lord in gratitude.

Pray against Satan
Jesus Christ was tempted by the Devil throughout his
ministry. The Bible says: “For we have not an high
priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our
infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are,
yet without sin.” (Hebrews 4:15 KJV). Prayer is our
most powerful weapon to fight the evil of Satan.  As
much as God is with us always, Satan’s evil spirit is
there to fight against our Lord and our devotion to him.  
Prayer will help us achieve purity for the power of
prayer is far greater than any lustful desire or unclean
sex act could achieve.  Lust may not always be sexual
as we lust for other sinful endeavors that only do harm
to ourselves and compromise our relationship with
God. Deep, sincere prayer will eradicate any
temptation Satan may present to us.  We are all sinners
and we can never let our guard down against the evil of

Carry the word of God with you!
I have my one personal Bible that I keep at home for all
of my home scripture reading. But I also have other
Bibles so that I may have the word of God with me at all
times.  I keep a Bible with me at work and also have
one stored in the glove compartment of my car and I
have a small pocket version that I keep in my back
pocket.  If your Bible is with you everywhere you go, you
then have the word of God with you.   Never will you
miss an opportunity to offer praise and worship to the