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         Carrollton Bible Fellowship


        Hello, my name is Pastor William Wagoner, I am the founder of Carrollton Bible Fellowship. All faiths are welcome. Thank you for your visit here. it is my sincere hope that you will view all the pages, as there are many good articles for you to enjoy. Als you will be introduced to a wonderful person, who can bring wonderful changes to your life. This person is the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have never received the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart as your personal Savior, please read section two, " WHO IS JESUS CHRIST? " If you have found this site to be a help to you, please tell all your friends about it, and come back as often as you like, as we will be adding new articles from time to time

This is a missionary outreach ministry, located on the Web Out of Carrollton Georgia.


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 Bible study program. 

God's Word 2 U

We have a verse by verse study of God's word

from Genesis through Revelations.  check out the menu starting on page four.


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